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50 most recent check-ins

[5cbb78b486] Leaf: Fixed diff of an individual checked-out file (/localdiff) so it compares against the correct artifact when on a branch. (user: graham tags: ui-local-diff)
[db758a3454] Distinguish local-changes from changes from a merge. (user: graham tags: ui-local-diff)
[1fd9acb97c] Merged in UUID-renaming changes from trunk. (user: graham tags: ui-local-diff)
[6c04e42f76] Leaf: Added "& server" to the "native" row in the characterization table at the top of fossil-v-git.wiki. (user: wyoung tags: trunk)
[38850c03f4] Small adjustments to the terminology in the summary table at the top of fossil-v-git.wiki. (user: wyoung tags: trunk)
[bc56945ea4] Make two passes through list of local changes so all "one-line" entries are listed first. (user: graham tags: ui-local-diff)
[018db17c54] Correction to the /thisdayinhistory page so that it shows the first day of the project on the anniversary of the project. (user: drh tags: trunk)
[f6a99292c9] Update the built-in SQLite to the latest trunk code that includes the new ".mode table" command for formatting output from the CLI. (user: drh tags: trunk)
[1f5af80047] Remove an incorrect foreign key from the mlink table. Many of the other foreign keys are syntactically correct, but Fossil uses numeric 0 instead of NULL to mean "no reference", which is semantically wrong. We should try to fix that at some point, perhaps. Or enhance SQLite so that it is able to interpret 0 values on a FK reference to an INTEGER P... (user: drh tags: trunk)
[0c19cd0a86] Leaf: Move default_css.txt to default.css, treat it like a builtin file, and remove mkcss, as the recent style.css reorg obviates the need for mkcss. (user: stephan tags: default.css)
[ccebe22576] Initial implementation to show "local (uncommitted) changes" in Fossil's UI. Not yet tested to destruction, but fails no more errors in the test-suite than trunk. Currently there are no links to the new page: manually navigate to "/local" (a variant of the "/ci" page). (user: graham tags: ui-local-diff)
[8ad5e46908] Merged uuid-to-hash branch down, causing all public interfaces except for those exceptions now documented in www/hashes.md to use something other than "UUID" to mean "artifact hash" or one of its more specific derivative terms. (e.g. Commit ID) (user: wyoung tags: trunk)
[3d808c4d0c] Second-pass edit on www/hashes.md: more definite stances on things now that we have a ruling on the debate, and less flagellation all around. (user: wyoung tags: trunk)
[364307951c] Updates to the doc/hashes.md document. (user: drh tags: trunk)
[e714b8427c] The new blob_reserve() now triggers blob_panic() if asked to allocate more than blob_append_full() internally allows for (not quite 2GB), to avoid a corner case that blob_reserve() could be used to accidentally bypass that internal limit. (user: stephan tags: trunk)
[a52499fdc4] Updates the email-sender TCL script so that it appends a "-f" argument to sendmail which is the "From:" email address. (user: drh tags: trunk)
[dba4c4f2c4] Leaf: Initial infrastructure for a command-line version of the security audit page. (user: drh tags: audit-command)
[b17aba9e20] Enhance codecheck1.c to check recently added varargs functions. (user: drh tags: trunk)
[62263b9cb0] Per forum discussion, moved the /fileedit ajax dispatching back down below the login check, but have it emit a JSON response if an ajax route was requested, else an HTML response. (user: stephan tags: trunk)
[6849d9a557] fossil.fetch() now uses onreadystatechange instead of onload because the latter does not handle connection errors and timeouts. Added timeout option to fossil.fetch() with a default of 15s. Corrected non-closing of a failed transaction when fileedit/commit fails. (user: stephan tags: trunk)
[13e26db403] Moved /fileedit permissions check below the ajax dispatching check, as ajax bootstrapping performs that check itself, along with a CSRF check for write-mode requests, and emits a JSON-format response (as opposed to HTML) if it fails. (user: stephan tags: trunk)
[a80861de03] Add a notification that online file editing is enabled to the security audit. (user: drh tags: trunk)
[d6341b3a55] Removed fileedit-glob from the list of syncable config options. It must be explicitly set on each repo where it is desired. (user: stephan tags: trunk)
[e6ab947e1e] Fix on Check-in pages to preserve the current "diffType" setting (side-by-side or unified) when toggling the show/ignore whitespace option. (user: graham tags: ui-local-diff)
[f231239780] Disable all access to the /fileedit page and its associated AJAX entry points if the user lacks write privilege or if file editing is not enabled. (user: drh tags: trunk)
[551676bc28] Cosmetic fix for "/file?name=xxxx" where ci defaults to "tip". Title used to be "xxxx at []"; now it is "xxxx at tip" which matches the behaviour of "/file?name=xxxx&ci=tip". (user: graham tags: ui-local-diff)
[2c9aa1b939] Added /fileedit to changes.wiki. (user: stephan tags: trunk)
[1243bf3999] Introducing the /fileedit page. (user: stephan tags: trunk)
[064c1c9588] Reworked how style.css is emitted: all default rules first, then page-specific rules (if passed name=PAGENAME and if builtin file style.PAGENAME.css exists), then the skin. This increases the default style.css output by only approx. 800 bytes before compression (approx. 300 after compression). Has no visual impact on existing built-in skins, and no... (user: stephan tags: trunk)
[5b7888c994] Editing forum posts now applies delta compression to the edits. (user: stephan tags: trunk)
[e0fc98caa1] Add --reset flag to add/rm/addremove commands. (user: stephan tags: trunk)
[42111658ca] The "tags" Makefile target added in [ebb67be4] relied on GNU make conditionals, which causes BSD make to choke. Reworked the feature to do the conditional work entirely on the Autosetup side instead. (user: wyoung tags: trunk)
[df5201950e] Closed-Leaf: Updated all user-facing documentation and "fossil help" output (plus select internal comments and function names) to use "hash" rather than "UUID". No functional changes. (Yet?) See forum thread https://www.fossil-scm.org/forum/forumpost/ddc14c6866 for discussion. (user: wyoung tags: uuid-to-hash)
[33bec291b0] New document, "Hashes: Fossil Artifact Identification", which attempts to break down the HASH vs VERSION vs commit ID vs NAME vs UUID mess. It also serves to document my current understanding of all the ways "UUID" is currently misused, but because it is only documenting the current state of things, it's safe to put it on trunk. (Changes to cope ... (user: wyoung tags: trunk)
[74a7309aad] In www/checkin_names.wiki, documented the date: prefix for timetsamps, added fragment IDs for subsections, added a differentiating example of "fossil info" vs "/info/NAME" for special check-in names, and documented the order that Fossil resolves such names. (user: wyoung tags: trunk)
[51511b7205] A few small improvements to embeddeddoc.wiki: added a named anchor so we can refer directly to the section talking about "ckout", referred to checkin_names.wiki only once from the relevant paragraph instead of twice, and added a paragraph explaining why this feature is particularly useful. This is in support of an upcoming commit: we're going ... (user: wyoung tags: trunk)
[c0a91653ab] Updated release version number in index.wiki. (user: stephan tags: trunk)
[ebb67be487] Added a top-level "tags" Makefile target for updating a Vim tags file using Exuberant Ctags (requires -R feature). It also updates a cscope file if we find cscope at configuration time. One so interested could add etags support to this as well. (user: wyoung tags: trunk)
[3c0565ab5e] The error message Fossil gives on TLS certificate check failure changed in Fossil 2.11, so updated www/ssl.wiki to show the new message. Left the old message in place, since many people will be running versions of Fossil that still use that format, and a big part of the reason why we have this error message in the document is to make it come up in... (user: wyoung tags: trunk)
[32f391f655] Leaf: Merged trunk changes in (user: wyoung tags: artifact-view-links)
[67c420402f] Leaf: Demonstrate how the mkindex.c utility could be extended to automatically put a complete web-page construction inside a transaction. (user: drh tags: auto-webpage-txn)
[91948d3afa] Closed-Leaf: s/checkin/check-in/ in the help tab, per forum feedback. (user: stephan tags: fileedit-ajaxify)
[48dca1b4c9] Fix a bug in the "Delete Ad-Unit" button in the setup pages. (user: drh tags: trunk)
[ad9295fd59] Update the version number to 2.12 as we begin the next release cycle. (user: drh tags: trunk)
[d6058989ed] Attempt to fix markdown rendering so that it correctly ignores table column separators that are contained without "code-span" back-ticks. (user: drh tags: trunk)
[616333e5ba] Removed a no-longer-true line from the fileedit help tab. (user: stephan tags: fileedit-ajaxify)
[58ee06450c] Closed-Leaf: Merged in trunk. (user: stephan tags: unaddremove-command)
[a2b0ed37af] Closed-Leaf: merged in trunk (user: stephan tags: forum-edit-deltify)
[fe018289e3] Closed-Leaf: merged in trunk. (user: stephan tags: style-css-revamp)
[559807ba86] Merged in trunk. (user: stephan tags: fileedit-ajaxify)