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[9aa9ba8bd2] Leaf: Version 2.7 (user: drh, tags: trunk, release, version-2.7)
17:40 • [e15a918a8b] Version 2.7 Release Notes (user: drh)
17:29 • Edit [bddd4961aa845456|bddd4961aa]: Move to branch build-ignore-glob. (user: mistachkin)
[b6c490cedb] Leaf: Typo fix (user: tangent, tags: libbind-ns-alternative)
[f99e76324c] Added a check for ns_parserr(), which we currently don't know how to find on OpenBSD. This also fixes a logic error in auto.def which would cause the warning that this feature won't be compiled to not be given. (user: wyoung, tags: libbind-ns-alternative)
[5358fe9563] Removed the "Linux" platform test from the DNS MX stuff in src/smtp.c. You should always test for features, not platforms, and we've now got the feature tests we need to replace this too-broad platform test. (user: wyoung, tags: libbind-ns-alternative)
[d0fb5ac7ca] Replaced the call to the undocumented ns_name_uncompress() function with dn_expand(), which is documented, at least on OpenBSD, and it's shorter. Then made ns_name_uncompress() and __ns_name_uncompress() fallbacks for this, with suitable autosetup tests for all of it. (user: wyoung, tags: libbind-ns-alternative)
[c7640b3895] Fix to previous for CentOS 7. (user: tangent, tags: libbind-ns-alternative)
[4d9970f618] The previous checkin on this branch prevented src/smtp.c from both building and linking because the code previously assumed that it could only build against libresolv for MX lookups and such on Linux, but the checkin gave it enough slack to *attempt* to build on macOS. This checkin prevents that from happening if run on stock macOS, but if you ins... (user: wyoung, tags: libbind-ns-alternative)
[ed3b1e4d89] Added autosetup checks for alternative libraries and names for the res_query() and ns_*() functions that module smtp.c previously depended on finding in libresolv/glibc. Checking it in on a branch because it needs multiplatform testing. This version solves the problem originally reported on the forum by Andy Goth, being that the current trunk doe... (user: wyoung, tags: libbind-ns-alternative)
[bddd4961aa] Leaf: Add build directories to ignore-glob. (user: ashepilko, tags: build-ignore-glob)
[c285cd0812] Second attempt at blockquote styling, this time restricting it to forum posts only. (Previous: [2190f86c324d0]) (user: wyoung, tags: trunk)
[0d7ac90d57] Fix the indented paragraph on the homepage. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
18:05 • Ticket [c4677b052b] Make "help" command smarter to reduce the need for "-a" option status still Open with 6 other changes (user: wyoung)
17:56 • Ticket [683457aa0f] localtime on server not syncronized. "strange" behaviour in fossil status still Open with 4 other changes (user: wyoung)
17:43 • Ticket [c541b6e734] Allow tech notes to have binary attachments, with CLI support status still Open with 6 other changes (user: wyoung)
[7950dc2297] Avoid unnecessary quoting of ASCII characters 34 and 39 in the markdown formatter. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[eae0a9821d] Back out the block-indentation CSS change from check-in [2190f86c324d0f57fa4f8]. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[ee074372e8] Replaced the "hasOwnProperty" test for CSS transition support in the animated hamburger menu JS code with a better test that not only works on old IE but also on some truly ancient versions of SeaMonkey, Firefox, Chrome, etc. (user: wyoung, tags: trunk)
[450e872354] Updates to the change log for the upcoming 2.7 release. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
13:41 • Edit [dc88a533e239863b|dc88a533e2]: Mark "Closed". (user: drh)
[c5abb962aa] Update the built-in SQLite to version 3.25.1. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[51da396650] Fix the default CSS for the "columns" class to avoid breaking column breaks within a single <li> element. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[e54095f9af] Fixed the panel.style.hasOwnProperty() test in the default skin's js.txt so that it will work on IE8 and below. See code comment for rationale. (user: wyoung, tags: trunk)
[2804c71a43] Allow /sitemap to accept the popup query parameter as GET as long as the incoming request is from the same origin. This is probably sufficient to prevent revealing URLs to robots. And the use of GET seems to be more in keeping with the REST idea. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[ee0f77dffa] The POST request by the hamburger menu must set the right content type of application/x-www-form-urlencoded in order to pass the popup=1 query parameter. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
06:44 • Edit [9e03e5136101b96b|9e03e51361]: Edit check-in comment. (user: jan.nijtmans)
[9e03e51361] Leaf: Backout of [e0cc10f03e518831]: Bring back default windows builds with OpenSSL 1.3 (user: jan.nijtmans, tags: openssl-1.1)
[7d2be6f824] Leaf: Add docs on using IDE for Fossil development. (user: ashepilko, tags: cmake-ide)
[2269309f92] Merge updates from trunk. (user: ashepilko, tags: cmake-ide)
[27c7a49191] Ignore errors in the clean target commands. (user: ashepilko, tags: trunk)
19:39 • Edit [e0cc10f03e518831|e0cc10f03e]: Edit check-in comment. (user: mistachkin)
[e0cc10f03e] Backout of [115544e97517f447]. Unbreaks the SSL enabled build for MSVC on Windows, due to OpenSSL build system changes that are not accounted for by the check-in. Also, there were crashes with MinGW produced binaries using OpenSSL 1.1.1. (user: mistachkin, tags: trunk)
[e45789ee83] Added a missing db_finalize() call in /json/branch/list which led to a downstream segfault via an invalid/destructed Stmt handle. (user: stephan, tags: trunk)
[fc977f14b1] Add the "fossil branch current" command to the 2.7 change log. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[3b0a1f4e1e] Add the "fossil branch current" command. Also rearrange the code and the help text for the "fossil branch" command so that the various subcommands are in alphabetical order. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[079431525d] Wiki markup fixes in the recent edits to the www/forum.wiki doc (user: wyoung, tags: trunk)
[ba35b5ff31] Removed a paragraph stranded by the email docs reorg several checkins ago. (user: wyoung, tags: trunk)
[692aceed4b] Fixed a typo (user: wyoung, tags: trunk)
[2190f86c32] Added colored shading, more padding, and a thick left border to elements in the default skin. This is based on some custom styling that Florian Balmer has been doing for quoted text on the forum lately, but the styling is rather different. It affects all such elements, not just those in forum posts, since I couldn't see a good reason... (user: wyoung, tags: trunk)
[d8d979fee5] Updated the documentation permuted index to include a grammar fix checked in with the previous checkin. (user: wyoung, tags: trunk)
[2ef70be2f7] Reworked the documentation for email alerts to put all the information in a single document: a) Moved the "quick email setup" material from the forums.wiki document into `alerts.md`; b) linked to that moved material from its original location; c) greatly expanded the material previously present in the `alerts.md` document; c) merged the `emaildesig... (user: wyoung, tags: trunk)
[05b4082915] Replaced the WIP and indefinite future paragraphs in www/alerts.md with definite statements now that we're approaching release. (user: wyoung, tags: trunk)
[edc31f4691] Docker: upgrade to fedora 28, and use https in stead of http to retrieve fossil source code. Use fedora versions of Tcl in stead of building our own. (user: jan.nijtmans, tags: trunk)
[d0dcf908a8] Make sure that Fossil is always compiled with SQLite >= 3.25.0. Add mention of TLS 1.3 to changelog. (user: jan.nijtmans, tags: trunk)
[115544e975] add support for TLS 1.3, when compiled with OpenSSL 1.1.1 (LTS). Windows build adapted to use OpenSSL 1.1.1 by default. Still compiles and runs with older OpenSSL as well (user: jan.nijtmans, tags: trunk)
[ce1d61acd7] Rerun mkindex.tcl to get an updated permutedindex.html file. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[7bd7b2c6c7] Added www/forum.wiki to the documentation index. (user: wyoung, tags: trunk)
[4559373c10] Increase the version number to 2.7. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[048a6f80d3] Update the built-in SQLite to the 3.25.0 release. (user: drh, tags: trunk)