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Simple implementation of util-linux *setsid* for FreeBSD. This was not tested
on other BSD's or macOS but this probably works just fine.

 - A C compiler
 - BSD Make

You can get bsdsetsid either through git or fossil.

For fossil use:
  $ mkdir bsdsetsid
  $ cd bsdsetsid
  $ fossil clone \ \
  $ fossil open --force bsdsetsid.fossil

or for git:
  $ git clone git://
  $ cd bsdsetsid

Then build and install the program:
  $ make
  $ sudo make install clean

Note that if you are one macOS, you need to install and use BSD Make instead
of GNU Make.

Example of usage:
  $ bsdsetsid st -e sh -c 'cowsay hello; zsh -i'
  $ exit
Replace st and other arguments with any program you'd like to run detached from
the current shell.

For more informations, run:
  $ man bsdsetsid

Thanks for checking bsdsetsid.