This project is an implementation of a TRS-80 Model 1 emulator on a PIC32 processor. It provides VGA video out and PS/2 keyboard in so as to be usable with commonly available console hardware to-date.

I originally developed this on a PIC32 'breakout board' (the 'UBW32') mounted on another board that provides some connectors for VGA and PS/2 keyboard, originally intended for the 'UBW32 Colour Maximite'. This was a great convenience to me in avoiding laying out a board (and soldering the fine-pitch smd!), but that should still be feasible to anyone wanting to do so, since there are very few external parts from the PIC32 -- my focus was getting the software running.

I have since also adapted this to the Olimex Duinomite-mini board. That board has a few limitations (monochrome, only one PWM channel, finicky power supply requirements (but it will run off USB)), but is otherwise serviceable. There are advantages in that it is ready-to-use out-of-box, and is quite affordable. Reportedly, the Duinomite (not mini) also works, with the I/O extension (that provides connectors for VGA, etc.)

Progress notes are logged via 'tech notes' entries in the Timeline, which realizes a blog, of sorts. (Note: incidentally, you'll need to log in as 'anonymous' to get the embedded images in the documentation. This is some permission issue I don't understand. Also, you may need to hit 'refresh' sometimes if one of the images doesn't come down due to some other issue I don't understand. See next paragraph on how to do this.)

If you log in as 'anonymous' via login page; you'll be able to see more details about code checkins, and also be able to download the code as a zip/tarball for your perusal (sorry; the whole anonymous bit is about avoiding spiders eating up bandwidth).

Portions of this code were derived from other sources:

Happy retro-computing!