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tomo el fuego

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tomo el fuego is trying to become a portable lisp machine (with M-langs finally! and APL-like notations). tomo inherits a lot from inferno, but it isn't meant to be yet another plan9-like or unix-like operating system. we seek a new paradigm of human computer interaction; a truly cybernetic age without the nasty biological integrations. a psycho-linguistic medium for self expression, collaboration, and discovery. specifically emphasizing nahua and maya writing systems, those of our cousins, and inspirational conlangs like tokipona and Iţkuîl.

We are doing a lot of groundwork at the moment, so there isn't much to show that is interesting to look at, but feel free to browse the forum if you're interested in the project.

🗺️ roadmap ⋄ 📜 manual ⋄ 🪙 donations accepted

📋 all tickets (± upstream)


snapshots are published periodically. real stable versions of the base system are planned, but not likely in the near future. currently we are publishing only Linux-386 builds. we may eventually graduate to nightly builds.

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we practice ethical design
▲❤ we practice ethical design