the (unofficial) 'Genode Book'

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The Genode project has awesome potential for developers. I believe it would help realize that potential, if some very purpose-oriented programming documentation was created: a hands-on introduction to the API (not just doxygen output, but "friendly overview" style), some full fledged coding tutorials; someone mentionned indexing the contents, so added a placeholder for that as well.

In particular, the 'Genode Book' (thus named as a reference to the famous Be Book) would be especially important to have for an app developer like me, to 'get to grips' with Genode and its API.

This repository is purely my initiative and is not associated with Genode Labs in any way. With that said, I hope it will be of interest and get contributions from those who actually know the API and can fill me in!

Genode Labs does plan on having a 'book'/tutorials in the future. In the meantime, this can serve as experimenting grounds, or at least for me to get my bearings.

Getting started : browse (and edit) contents

Or browse the whole list of wiki pages.


fossil clone genode-book.fossil
fossil open genode-book.fossil
fossil ui  # opens the user interface in e.g. FireFox


Why fossil?

Why choose and Fossil and its "fossil wiki" format?

I was looking for..

And why not as well..

Fossil gives us all that. I might still look into "pkgman search markdown" and such though, later.

However, beware the following "gotcha":

Why not genode-foundations-18-05.pdf ?

After getting started on this I looked again at the foundational PDF, remembering it includes not only the first high-level/abstract part but also the second "API" part, seemingly generated from doxygen inline comments. Looking at the Nitpicker, Audio, Filesystem ..etc chapters of the PDF I realized that this could be made to look more bebook-ish and cancel the need for this fossil project.. With some (a lot of?) work.

Here's my observations on the PDF, as an app programmer (not a systems developer!) :

Tangeant remarks: