Release Notes


  • Minor UI enhancements
    • Add status bar
    • Disable glyph input when a full glyph code has been entered via glyph entry
  • Further streamline naming conventions
  • Removed the deprecated clearMessages()


  • Incorporate doctest framework for cli testing
  • Streamline naming conventions of API
  • Added comparison operators for coordinateData
  • Added documentation
  • Minor code clean-up


  • Improvements to UI
    • Glyph input and portal address are now a part of the main window. They can be moved and/or minimized.


  • Improvements to UI
    • Added toolbar for toggling glyph/portal address windows
    • Added menu bar to replace button group: Exit, About, glyph toggle, portal toggle.
  • Minor code clean-up.


  • Added ability to select glyph symbols directly and convert into glyph code and coordinates.
    • Added button toggle to access this feature.
  • Minor adjustments to UI.


  • Version update incorporating changes from 0.5.alpha1 and 0.5.beta1
  • Improvements to UI.
  • Improvements to error checking.
  • Minor changes to keep memory consumption stable.


  • Moved glyph symbol drawing to separate window so that main window is smaller and less intimidating.
  • Added presets to common civilizations (ex. HUB)
  • UI adjustments to accommodate presets.
    • Added button to show/hide portal address window.
  • Added about window for application details, license, credits.


  • Code rewrite. Application should be a bit more robust, for now.
  • Added CLI functionality.
    • Can accept codes (star system coordinates or glyph sequence) and provide conversion from the command line.
    • Refer to help option for specifics.
  • Improvements to error checking of coordinates and glyph codes.
  • Minor UI adjustments to input fields.
  • Added: release notes


  • Added ability to convert from a glyph code into portal address and star system coordinates.


  • N/A.


  • Initial release
  • Ability to convert a star system coordinate into its corresponding glyph code, along with its portal address as glyph symbols.


  • Added ability to convert star system coordinates to glyph sequence.
  • W I D E