Meb 0.5 release tarball: meb-0.5.tar.gz

Mebtool all-in-one (Thatched), needs only Tclsh or Wish 8.6. mebtool-0.5.zip

Try Mebtool live on the Tcler's Wiki!

Meb is a menu builder that employs the same philosophy as Gub:
    * Require learning the least amount of new syntax as possible.
    * Leverage Tk options.
    * Take care of the drudgery part of gui building.
    * Generate Tcl code.
    * Generates Tcl code to create menus.
    * Takes care of the less important aspects of menu creation.
    * Simple layout, one item per line.
    * Indent determines level, one space per level.
    * Tk options start at first '-' after label text.
    * Auto underline using '&'.
    * Cascades determined my indent (level).
    * Checkbuttons,radiobuttons determined by -variable option.
    * Auto command.
    * Namespace for commands and variables.
    * Separator is any string of '-' and/or '='
    * MebTool, a command-line and gui utility.