DBusTool is a command-line and GUI DBus utility.

DBusTool aims to be a drop-in replacement for (or at least function a lot like) command-line tools like qdbus and qdbus.tcl. As of version 0.1 this goal has yet to be achieved. The only command-line DBus operation that does anything is that a destination can be supplied and an XML introspection response will be returned. It's as exciting as it sounds.

DBusTool is also a functional GUI frontend to the DBus.

DBusTool 0.1 requires the following packages:
Tcl8.6 Tk8.6 dbus-tcl dbif tDOM gub meb

The thatched file dbustool-01.tcl contains the following packages:
dbif gub meb

Users of dbustool-0.1.tcl will have to supply their own Tcl, Tk, dbus-tcl and tDOM.
For the non-thatched (ie. normal) dbustool.tcl, users will have to supply all the required packages.

DBusTool: dbustool-0.1.tcl