Jenkins App

Jenkins App

About is a simple AppleScript wrapper around the Jenkins continuous integration server software.

Because Jenkins has no user interface, it is a bit difficult to start and stop it without using the Terminal and some Unix commands. This makes it easy.

To start Jenkins, run

On the first run, will download jenkins.war from and place it into the Resources folder inside the app bundle.

After the download, you will be asked if you want to edit the command-line to start Jenkins. You might, for example, want to add --httpPort=PORT to specify a port other than 8080 (the default).

I myself use --ajpPort=8009 --prefix=/jenkins because I have Apache set to forward anything under http://localhost/jenkins to ajp://localhost:8009/jenkins. stays running in your Dock while Jenkins runs in the background. has no windows.

To stop Jenkins, quit


If you log in as "anonymous", you can browse the history of commits (called the Timeline) and download a zip archive of any version in the history.

If that sounds too confusing, you can download which I created earlier.

How to clone this repository

fossil clone MYLOCALCOPY
fossil open ../MYLOCALCOPY

How to build



At moment I am very happy with the way works. There are some things I'd like it to do (e.g. to open a browser window to Jenkins front page) but I don't know how to do those things in AppleScript easily. (How would the script know where to find Jenkins if the user changed the default port? It would need to parse the command line.)

Maybe the next version should be written in a real programming language? This is good enough for a first prototype.

If you have any ideas or find bugs, feel free to submit them as Tickets here. The Fossil version control system has built-in bug-tracking/ticketing system.


Sami Tikka