History Of Ticket 23b586866398adae

History Of Ticket 23b586866398adae

Artifacts Associated With Ticket 23b586866398adae

  1. Ticket change [f975e7e0eb] (rid 247) by spiffytech on 2011-11-02 20:36:51:

    1. severity initialized to: "Critical"
    2. status initialized to: "Open"
    3. title initialized to: "Sharps and flats are rendered as their root note"
    4. type initialized to: "Code_Defect"
  2. Ticket change [d7c0e06e13] (rid 314) by spiffytech on 2011-11-27 02:30:26:

    1. priority changed to: "Immediate"
    2. resolution changed to: "Fixed"
    3. status changed to: "Fixed"