{{#------ require CSS and JS files for this page (read info in base.css) ------}} {{response.files.append(URL('static','css/base.css'))}} {{response.files.append(URL('static','css/superfish.css'))}} {{response.files.append(URL('static','js/superfish.js'))}} {{#------ include web2py specific js code (jquery, calendar, form stuff) ------}} {{include 'web2py_ajax.html'}} {{ #using sidebars need to know what sidebar you want to use #prior of using it, because of static width size of content, you can use #left_sidebar, right_sidebar, both or none (False left and right) left_sidebar_enabled = globals().get('left_sidebar_enabled',False) right_sidebar_enabled = globals().get('right_sidebar_enabled',False) if left_sidebar_enabled and right_sidebar_enabled: width_content='63%' elif left_sidebar_enabled != right_sidebar_enabled: width_content='740px' else: width_content='100%' if left_sidebar_enabled: left_sidebar_style = 'style="display: block;"' else: left_sidebar_style = 'style="display: none;"' if right_sidebar_enabled: right_sidebar_style = 'style="display: block;"' else: right_sidebar_style = 'style="display: none;"' style_content = 'style="width: %s"' % width_content }}
{{=response.flash or ''}}
{{block statusbar}} {{#------ superfish menu ------}} {{=MENU(response.menu,_class='sf-menu')}}
{{if left_sidebar_enabled:}} {{pass}}
{{if right_sidebar_enabled:}} {{pass}}