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I. Description

   TransportSwitch allows to enable and disable any transport in roster by clicking
button on toolbar.
   Transports should by enumerated in ::plugins::transportswitch::options(jids)
as comma separated jids.
   If you want selected transports does  not  connecting  on  xmpp  login,  you
should enable "Activate lists at startup" in Tkabber -> "Privacy rules" menu.
   This plugin does not support multilogin. To switch  transports  using  first
xmpp connection.

II. Install

To install the plugin, as usually, copy this directory
under the Tkabber's plugins directory (which is
"~/.tkabber/plugins" on Unix,
"%APPDATA%\Tkaber\plugins" on Windows and
"~/Application/Application Support/Tkabber/plugins" on Mac OS)
so that you get a hierarchy like this (Unix paths are shown):