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"Auto answer" plugin for Tkabber.

I. The idea.

This plugin provides functionality to automatically react
to a chat message with a special reply, informing the sender
that you are unable to respond immediately.
The reply message has the same goal as the availability status
and is intended for those people who ignore your status and
assume you're always there to talk to them.

II. Configuration.

There are several options that affect the behavior of this
plugin. They can be found in the Tkabber settings dialog
("Customize") by the following path:
Tkabber -> Plugins -> Auto Answer.


Specifies whether the auto answer mode is on. When this mode is
on, Tkabber will automatically reply to all chat messages
except those from JIDs defined by the restriction expressions 
described later. You can also toggle the auto answer mode using
the appropriate button on the toolbar.


A regexp determining JIDs for which auto answer mode is
always disabled. No automatic reply will ever be sent to JIDs 
that match the expression. A value of "^$" (without the quotes),
which is default, means no restrictions (because no JID will
match this regular expression).


A regexp determining JIDs for which auto answer mode is
enabled. Only JIDs restricted to matching this expression and
not matching the disable_regex expression (defined in the 
previous paragraph) will be sent an automatic reply.
When set to an empty string (the default) matches any JID.


The body of the reply that is sent in response to a chat
message when the auto answer mode is on.
Before sending, the following substitutions are made in
the reply:
Token    Replaced by
%%       %
%s       Current availability status
%t       Status description
The default value is an empty string, which means that Tkabber
will send a default message containing information about your
current availability status.


A whitespace-separated list of tokens defining availability
states for which the auto answer mode is enabled. When the user
enters a status from this list, the auto answer mode is
automatically turned on. The valid tokens are: available, away,
xa and dnd.