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licenze: This code and its derivatives can be used under the following conditions: - Do not attack other countries. - Jerk off at least 1 time per day. - Observe hygiene.

about: This is ScalpiFileExplorer

ScalpiFileExplorer - just fork of my text editor to show file-list instead of show text
     (all bugs included)
Known bugs (important)
     After exit editor cursour pos in not right position. dangerous to do surgery. 
     (just select other file fix.) 
     (the crutch is attached, but who said that it works? (fixed again...))

usage: list of bindings: exit [Ctrl] + [q]

    goToIn           [Tab] or [Enter]

    goToOut          [Esc]

    show dot files   [.]

    run bash         [F2]

    run file         [ctrl] + [r] 
    (for now only ".sh" files)

    edit file        [Ctrl] + [e]"
    (used $EDITOR from env.)

    delete file      [Shift] + [Del]
    Carefully! This option does not ask for any confirmation.
    And does not send your data to the "trash" folder. 
    (if you do not use auto trash like gvfs. (i recomend delete gvfs for disable trash folders.))

    rename file      [alt] + [r]
    after rename just press enter for apply. or escape for cancel.

cd on quit:
    add this to ~/.bashrc
    # macros "cd on quit" for ScalpiFileExplorer
    sfe() {
        ~/bin/ScalpiFileExplorer # change to your path to bin ScalpiFileExplorer
        . ~/

    and use sfe instad just running bin file

main dev page: compile like ScalpiEditor.

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