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ScalpiEditor - text editor for linux terminals (console) writed from zig language.

⚠️ display only ansi symbols ⚠️ no undo/redo ⚠️ does not offer to save the file on exit (until it stabilizes)


latest stable


 ScalpiEditor FILENAME

tip: use f1 for help inside program

If you're lucky you can try compile latest unstable version:

 fossil clone ScalpiEditor.fossil
 mkdir ScalpiEditor
 cd ScalpiEditor
 fossil open ../ScalpiEditor.fossil
 zig build # use zig version 0.10

and find binary in "zig-out/bin"...

you may rename and copy binary to "~/bin/se" like this:

 cp ./zig-out/bin/ScalpiEditor ~/bin/se

and add this lines to config (".bashrc" file for bash) for easy use:

 export EDITOR="~/bin/se"
 export PATH="~/bin:$PATH"


version 0.2

to support me:

 monero: 87T7qGbATrM3a6BrDyeCjQQfNWtUu3iZbHVBMC6WmEbNNE13QrrtKhBbe4vF58NR8PTFdYk2SozcHexX4Q69jbdQAsrsP7B

old releases on github: sergey6661313/ScalpiEditor/releases