Frusta / Frustum (latin) = pieces/peice (the math definition of frustum is the portion of a rectangular or conic section sliced parallel to the base)

This project is my attempt to use Tcl to build a toolkit to manipulate data for a 3d-printer

In the first version I want to build internal representations of STL and GCODE datafiles and provide a simple way to visualize them. I'll see where it goes from there.

With that said I am hugely impressed with tools like slic3r (written in perl I believe). The all-in-one easy to install packaging is great (although I have trouble finding versions that will run on my older non-intel macs). I reminds me of tclkits and even fossil. (I'm a novice fossil user with lots of sccs/rcs/cvs/svn and even a little git experience)

1st order tasks that might work for you

checkout a copy of the project using fossil

(or download the zip from the same url)

2nd - run frusta using the included tclkit