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This project is a plug-in for Mediagoblin that facilitates uploading of GIMP image and resource files to a Mediagoblin instance. Details on the general approach of this plug-in can be found on the Overview page.

Information on cloning this Fossil repository or in converting it to git can be found on the cloning page.

An online example of a MG-GIMP enabled deployment of MediaGoblin is available at


It is not safe to deploy MG-GIMP on shared systems where other users have access to TCP ports.

If the XCF file uses text fonts that are not available on the Mediagoblin host, then default fallback fonts will be substituted in the rendered previews.

Old style (version one) curves files are not supported. If you wish to share these, import them into GIMP and export them (to convert them to the modern version).

All curves files should have the extension .curve; this is not a GIMP requirement but is needed by MG-GIMP to recognize the file type.

If a Tool Preset (.gtp) references brushes, patterns, or gradients that are not available on the Mediagoblin host then an image of a disappointed Wilber is displayed instead.

Compressed versions of XCF files are supported. They should use one of the extensions .xcf.gz, .xcf.bz2, .xcfgz, or .xcfbz2

Bicubic scaling is used for all previews.The LANCZOS scaling method is not used because it produces some minor artifacts in the alpha channel which interfere with saving otherwise flat thumbnails as JPEGs.

The plug-in is currently designed to work with GIMP 2.6 or later; however, GIMP versions before 2.8 have a Script-fu server vulnerability and thus 2.8 is preferable. I believe this vulnerability only matters for Flash files, but better safe than sorry.

In theory, the Script-fu server could be run on a separate host. To do this, however, would require using ssh to start GIMP and some finessing of the files that are rendered across the network.

Though multiple files can be uploaded concurrently, MG-GIMP will only process them sequentially, one at a time.

This plug-in is a work in progress. It is mostly complete, but it still needs a Python installation script.

All code is licensed under the Affero General Public License version 3.0 or later unless stated otherwise. This repository only contains files that are additional to files in the Mediagoblin distribution, which is maintained on Gitorious.

Reprocessing of all GIMP media is available with the bin/gmg utility:

gmg reprocess bulk_run mediagoblin.media_types.gimp resize --size 640 640 medium

Or just a single media ID:

gmg reprocess run ### resize --size 180 180 thumb


All feature requests and known bugs have been moved to the ticketing system.