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Artifact ID: bc71a4246927e193b2b82ab1b3420544d29d92b0
Page Name:installmacos
Date: 2016-08-31 20:55:16
Original User: ronsor
Parent: c740079bb19eca49ac95b03202bef1e3f9f7c4c1
0. Unzip (by Double-clicking) on the ZIP file you downloaded.
1. Double-click on the '2dtest-macos.tar' file.
2. Double-click on the '2dtest-macos' folder. (The folder may have a number at the end if you have downloaded Ronsor Builder before.)
3. Right-click (right side of touchpad/mouse) on the RonsorBuilder.command file.
4. Select "Open" in the menu.
5. When prompted, select "Open" on the dialog blox.