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# FILE: "/diska/home/joze/src/tclreadline/"
# LAST MODIFICATION: "Thu May 27 14:26:19 1999 (joze)"
# (C) 1998, 1999 by Johannes Zellner, <>
# $Id$
# ---
# tclreadline -- gnu readline for tcl
# Copyright (C) 1999  Johannes Zellner
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
# modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
# as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
# of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.
# ================================================================== 

package provide tclreadline @TCLREADLINE_VERSION@

proc unknown args {

    global auto_noexec auto_noload env unknown_pending tcl_interactive
    global errorCode errorInfo

    # Save the values of errorCode and errorInfo variables, since they
    # may get modified if caught errors occur below.  The variables will
    # be restored just before re-executing the missing command.

    set savedErrorCode $errorCode
    set savedErrorInfo $errorInfo
    set name [lindex $args 0]
    if ![info exists auto_noload] {
        # Make sure we're not trying to load the same proc twice.
        if [info exists unknown_pending($name)] {
            return -code error "self-referential recursion in \"unknown\" for command \"$name\"";
        set unknown_pending($name) pending;
        set ret [catch {auto_load $name [uplevel 1 {namespace current}]} msg]
        unset unknown_pending($name);
        if {$ret != 0} {
            return -code $ret -errorcode $errorCode \
                "error while autoloading \"$name\": $msg"
        if ![array size unknown_pending] {
            unset unknown_pending
        if $msg {
            set errorCode $savedErrorCode
            set errorInfo $savedErrorInfo
            set code [catch {uplevel 1 $args} msg]
            if {$code ==  1} {
                # Strip the last five lines off the error stack (they're
                # from the "uplevel" command).

                set new [split $errorInfo \n]
                set new [join [lrange $new 0 [expr [llength $new] - 6]] \n]
                return -code error -errorcode $errorCode \
                        -errorinfo $new $msg
            } else {
                return -code $code $msg

    # REMOVED THE [info script] TEST (joze, SEP 98)
    if {([info level] == 1) \
            && [info exists tcl_interactive] && $tcl_interactive} {
        if ![info exists auto_noexec] {
            set new [auto_execok $name]
            if {$new != ""} {
                set errorCode $savedErrorCode
                set errorInfo $savedErrorInfo
                set redir ""
                if {[info commands console] == ""} {
                    set redir ">&@stdout <@stdin"
                # LOOK FOR GLOB STUFF IN $ARGS (joze, SEP 98)
                return [uplevel eval exec $redir $new \
                    [::tclreadline::Glob [lrange $args 1 end]]]
        set errorCode $savedErrorCode
        set errorInfo $savedErrorInfo
        if {$name == "!!"} {
            set newcmd [history event]
        } elseif {[regexp {^!(.+)$} $name dummy event]} {
            set newcmd [history event $event]
        } elseif {[regexp {^\^([^^]*)\^([^^]*)\^?$} $name dummy old new]} {
            set newcmd [history event -1]
            catch {regsub -all -- $old $newcmd $new newcmd}
        if [info exists newcmd] {
            tclLog $newcmd
            history change $newcmd 0
            return [uplevel $newcmd]

        set ret [catch {set cmds [info commands $name*]} msg]
        if {[string compare $name "::"] == 0} {
            set name ""
        if {$ret != 0} {
            return -code $ret -errorcode $errorCode \
                "error in unknown while checking if \"$name\" is a unique command abbreviation: $msg"
        if {[llength $cmds] == 1} {
            return [uplevel [lreplace $args 0 0 $cmds]]
        if {[llength $cmds] != 0} {
            if {$name == ""} {
                return -code error "empty command name \"\""
            } else {
                return -code error \
                        "ambiguous command name \"$name\": [lsort $cmds]"
    return -code error "invalid command name \"$name\""

namespace eval tclreadline:: {
    namespace export Setup Glob Loop InitCmds InitTclCmds InitTkCmds Print

proc ::tclreadline::Setup {} {

    uplevel #0 {

        if {[info commands ::tclreadline::readline] == ""} {

        if {[catch {set a [::tclreadline::prompt1]}] \
            && [info nameofexecutable] != ""} {

            namespace eval ::tclreadline {
                variable prompt_string
                set base [file tail [info nameofexecutable]]

                if {$base == "tclsh" && [info exists tcl_version]} {
                    set prompt_string \
                } elseif {$base == "wish" && [info exists tk_version]} {
                    set prompt_string "\[0;94m$base$tk_version\[0m"
                } else {
                    set prompt_string "\[0;91m$base\[0m"


            proc ::tclreadline::prompt1 {} {
                variable prompt_string
                global env
                set pwd [pwd]

                if [info exists env(HOME)] {
                    regsub $env(HOME) $pwd "~" pwd
                return "$prompt_string \[$pwd\]"

        proc ls {args} {
            if {[exec uname -s] == "Linux"} {
                eval exec ls --color -FC [::tclreadline::Glob $args]
            } else {
                eval exec ls -FC [::tclreadline::Glob $args]

        if {[info procs cd] == ""} {
            catch {rename ::tclreadline::Cd ""}
            rename cd ::tclreadline::Cd
            proc cd {args} {
                if {[catch {eval ::tclreadline::Cd $args} message]} {
                    puts stderr "$message"

        if {[info procs exit] == ""} {

            catch {rename ::tclreadline::Exit ""}
            rename exit ::tclreadline::Exit

            proc exit {args} {

                catch {
                    ::tclreadline::readline write \

                if [catch "eval ::tclreadline::Exit $args" message] {
                    puts stderr "error:"
                    puts stderr "$message"
                # NOTREACHED


    global pi
    set pi 3.1415926535897931
    set tcl_precision 17

    global env
    variable historyfile

    if [info exists env(HOME)] {
        set historyfile  $env(HOME)/.tclsh-history
    } else {
        set historyfile  .tclsh-history
    set msg [::tclreadline::readline initialize $historyfile]
    if {$msg != ""} {
        puts stderr "$msg"


    rename ::tclreadline::Setup ""

proc ::tclreadline::HistoryFileGet {} {
    variable historyfile
    return $historyfile

proc ::tclreadline::Glob {string} {

    set commandstring ""
    foreach name $string {
        set replace [glob -nocomplain -- $name]
        if {$replace == ""} {
            lappend commandstring $name
        } else {
            lappend commandstring $replace
    # return $commandstring
    # Christian Krone <> proposed
    return [eval concat $commandstring]

proc ::tclreadline::Loop {} {


    uplevel #0 {

        while {1} {

            if [info exists tcl_prompt2] {
                set ::tclreadline::prompt2 $tcl_prompt2
            } else {
                set ::tclreadline::prompt2 ">"

            if {[namespace eval ::tclreadline {[info procs prompt1]}] != ""} {
                set ::tclreadline::LINE [::tclreadline::readline read \
            } else {
                set ::tclreadline::LINE [::tclreadline::readline read %]

            while {![::tclreadline::readline complete $::tclreadline::LINE]} {
                append ::tclreadline::LINE ";"
                append ::tclreadline::LINE [::tclreadline::readline read \

            # Magnus Eriksson <> proposed
            history add $::tclreadline::LINE

            if [catch {
                set result [eval $::tclreadline::LINE]
                if {$result != "" && [::tclreadline::Print]} {
                    puts $result
                set result ""
            } msg] {
                puts stderr $msg


proc ::tclreadline::Print {args} {
    variable PRINT
    if ![info exists PRINT] {
        set ::tclreadline::PRINT yes
    if [regexp -nocase \(true\|yes\|1\) $args] {
        set ::tclreadline::PRINT yes
    } elseif [regexp -nocase \(false\|no\|0\) $args] {
        set ::tclreadline::PRINT no
    return $PRINT

proc ::tclreadline::InitCmds {} {
    global tcl_version tk_version
    if {[info exists tcl_version]} {
    if {[info exists tk_version]} {
    rename tclreadline::InitCmds ""

proc ::tclreadline::InitTclCmds {} {
::tclreadline::readline add "after option ?arg arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "append varName ?value value ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "array option arrayName ?arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "binary option ?arg arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "catch command ?varName?"
::tclreadline::readline add "clock option ?arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "close channelId"
::tclreadline::readline add "eof channelId"
::tclreadline::readline add "error message ?errorInfo? ?errorCode?"
::tclreadline::readline add "eval arg ?arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "exec ?switches? arg ?arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "expr arg ?arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "fblocked channelId"
::tclreadline::readline add "fconfigure channelId ?optionName? ?value? ?optionName value?..."
::tclreadline::readline add "fcopy input output ?-size size? ?-command callback?"
::tclreadline::readline add "file option ?arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "fileevent channelId event ?script?"
::tclreadline::readline add "flush channelId"
::tclreadline::readline add "for start test next command"
::tclreadline::readline add "foreach varList list ?varList list ...? command"
::tclreadline::readline add "format formatString ?arg arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "gets channelId ?varName?"
::tclreadline::readline add "glob ?switches? name ?name ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "global varName ?varName ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "incr varName ?increment?"
::tclreadline::readline add "info option ?arg arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "interp cmd ?arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "join list ?joinString?"
::tclreadline::readline add "lappend varName ?value value ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "lindex list index"
::tclreadline::readline add "linsert list index element ?element ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "llength list"
::tclreadline::readline add "load fileName ?packageName? ?interp?"
::tclreadline::readline add "lrange list first last"
::tclreadline::readline add "lreplace list first last ?element element ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "lsearch ?mode? list pattern"
::tclreadline::readline add "lsort ?options? list"
::tclreadline::readline add "namespace subcommand ?arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "open fileName ?access? ?permissions?"
::tclreadline::readline add "package option ?arg arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "proc name args body"
::tclreadline::readline add "puts ?-nonewline? ?channelId? string"
::tclreadline::readline add "read ?-nonewline? channelId"
::tclreadline::readline add "regexp ?switches? exp string ?matchVar? ?subMatchVar subMatchVar ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "regsub ?switches? exp string subSpec varName"
::tclreadline::readline add "rename oldName newName"
::tclreadline::readline add "scan string format ?varName varName ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "seek channelId offset ?origin?"
::tclreadline::readline add "set varName ?newValue?"
::tclreadline::readline add "socket ?-myaddr addr? ?-myport myport? ?-async? host port"
::tclreadline::readline add "socket -server command ?-myaddr addr? port"
::tclreadline::readline add "source fileName"
::tclreadline::readline add "split string ?splitChars?"
::tclreadline::readline add "string option arg ?arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "subst ?-nobackslashes? ?-nocommands? ?-novariables? string"
::tclreadline::readline add "switch ?switches? string pattern body ... ?default body?"
::tclreadline::readline add "tell channelId"
::tclreadline::readline add "time command ?count?"
::tclreadline::readline add "trace option \[arg arg ...\]"
::tclreadline::readline add "unset varName ?varName ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "uplevel ?level? command ?arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "upvar ?level? otherVar localVar ?otherVar localVar ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "vwait name"
::tclreadline::readline add "while test command"
rename tclreadline::InitTclCmds ""


proc ::tclreadline::InitTkCmds {} {
::tclreadline::readline add "bind window ?pattern? ?command?"
::tclreadline::readline add "bindtags window ?tags?"
::tclreadline::readline add "button pathName ?options?"
::tclreadline::readline add "canvas pathName ?options?"
::tclreadline::readline add "checkbutton pathName ?options?"
::tclreadline::readline add "clipboard option ?arg arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "entry pathName ?options?"
::tclreadline::readline add "event option ?arg1?"
::tclreadline::readline add "font option ?arg?"
::tclreadline::readline add "frame pathName ?options?"
::tclreadline::readline add "grab option ?arg arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "grid option arg ?arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "image option ?args?"
::tclreadline::readline add "label pathName ?options?"
::tclreadline::readline add "listbox pathName ?options?"
::tclreadline::readline add "lower window ?belowThis?"
::tclreadline::readline add "menu pathName ?options?"
::tclreadline::readline add "menubutton pathName ?options?"
::tclreadline::readline add "message pathName ?options?"
::tclreadline::readline add "option cmd arg ?arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "pack option arg ?arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "radiobutton pathName ?options?"
::tclreadline::readline add "raise window ?aboveThis?"
::tclreadline::readline add "scale pathName ?options?"
::tclreadline::readline add "scrollbar pathName ?options?"
::tclreadline::readline add "selection option ?arg arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "send ?options? interpName arg ?arg ...?"
::tclreadline::readline add "text pathName ?options?"
::tclreadline::readline add "tk option ?arg?"
::tclreadline::readline add "tkwait variable|visibility|window name"
::tclreadline::readline add "toplevel pathName ?options?"
::tclreadline::readline add "winfo option ?arg?"
::tclreadline::readline add "wm option window ?arg ...?"
rename tclreadline::InitTkCmds ""