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File ChangeLog artifact e5a28c8a46 part of check-in 7695f3855b

2000-12-08  Johannes Zellner  <>

    * reordered so that it always includes
    tclshrl.c,wishrl.c into the distribution.

2000-12-08  Johannes Zellner  <>

    * reenabled wishrl and tclshrl via configure switches

2000-11-19  Johannes Zellner  <>

    * moved the tlib check before the libreadline check

2000-09-20  Johannes Zellner <>

    * made tclreadline.h installing to ${prefix}/include

2000-08-27  Johannes Zellner <>

    * added Mark to AUTHORS :)

2000-08-27  Mark Patton <>

    * converted tclreadline::readline to be an object
    command. This was the simplest way to fix the
    Tcl_Obj mem leak.

    * added the command readline text and readline update
    that retrieve the current input and redraw it respecively.

2000-07-27  Johannes Zellner <>

     * changed a == to = in a sh test
     (reported by "Daniel O'Connor" <>)

2000-07-03  Johannes Zellner <>

     * included EXTRA_DIST so that it compiles from `dist'

2000-07-01  Johannes Zellner <>

     * switched to automake
     * small fix so that itcl config switches are correctly completed.