RSA's Public Key Cryptographic Standard (PKCS) #11 for Tcl


Public Key Cryptography Standard (PKCS) Number 11 specifies an API for interfacing with cryptographic tokens. These cryptographic tokens are usually separate hardware devices that do not provide direct access to the keying materials under normal use -- instead they directly perform the cryptographic operations on the hardware module. This provides additional security and can be used for off-loading CPU intensive operations to specialized hardware.

This package lets Tcl scripts interface with PKCS#11 modules.

This package requires the "pki" extension, which is pure Tcl and can be found in Tcllib.

Some PKCS#11 providers:



Simple Example

    package require pki
    package require pki::pkcs11

    set handle [pki::pkcs11::loadmodule /usr/lib/pkcs11/]

    pki::pkcs11::login $handle $slotId 123456

    set slots [pki::pkcs11::listslots $handle]
    set slotId [lindex $slots 0 0]

    set certs [pki::pkcs11::listcerts $handle $slotId]
    set cert [lindex $certs 0]

    set plain "TestMsg"

    set cipher [pki::encrypt -binary -pub -- $plain $cert]
    set check  [pki::decrypt -binary -priv -- $cipher $cert]

    puts "Plain: $plain"
    puts "Check: $check"