2 check-ins using file lc_cleanup.3.in or lc_process_file.3.in or lc_geterrno.3.in or lc_geterrstr.3.in or lc_process.3.in or lc_register_callback.3.in or lc_register_var.3.in version da39a3ee5e

Added an optional dependency to libopennet. If libopennet is used fopen_net is used instead of fopen. Made lc_process_file() a publicly callable function. Added a (blank!) man page for it. Made lc_cleanup() a publicly callable function, and removed calls to it from lc_process(). Added a (blank!) man page for it. check-in: cff8496e42 user: rkeene tags: trunk
Lots of improvements to libconfig: We now process the command line arguments ourselves rather than using getopt(). We now process Apache-style config files. Began work on documentation. Many more bug fixes check-in: 6a0a10a0ab user: rkeene tags: trunk