History of INSTALL of 4d7bd96b4eaeba1828b812acc33e0444f91a1949

History of the file that is called INSTALL at checkin 4d7bd96b4eaeba1828b812acc33e0444f91a1949

Added an optional dependency to libopennet. If libopennet is used fopen_net is used instead of fopen. Made lc_process_file() a publicly callable function. Added a (blank!) man page for it. Made lc_cleanup() a publicly callable function, and removed calls to it from lc_process(). Added a (blank!) man page for it. file: [4e6973ecc2] check-in: [cff8496e42] user: rkeene, branch: trunk, size: 556 [annotate] [blame] [check-ins using] [diff]
Added: Updated documentation added INSTALL document libconfig 0.1.0 file: [03680221db] check-in: [1bde205ce1] user: rkeene, branch: trunk, size: 239 [annotate] [blame] [check-ins using]