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lc_geterrno - Retrieve a numeric error code.
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<B>#include &lt;<A HREF="artifact/7c61a9805e664fde7943807af8d5e164e7cebdb6">libconfig.h</A>&gt;</B>
<B>lc_err_t lc_geterrno(void);</B>
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<B><A HREF="wiki/Manual for lc_geterrno">lc_geterrno</A></B>(3)
function returns the last numeric error code set as an
which is an enumerated type and can be cast to any integer type.
type specifies the following defined values:
No error was found.  Success.
A command was specified for which there was no handler.
A section was specified for which there was no handler.
A value that does not make sense was specified, such as a non-existant type to the
<B><A HREF="wiki/Manual for lc_process_file">lc_process_file</A></B>(3)
An invalid format was detected, such as no argument where on was expected, or a value passed to a boolean-specified variable whose value was not one of: enable, true, yes, on, y, 1, disable, false, off, no, n, 0.
Unable to open a specified file.
A callback function returned an error (LC_CBRET_ERROR).
Memory could not be allocated for internal structures.
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#include &lt;<A HREF="artifact/7c61a9805e664fde7943807af8d5e164e7cebdb6">libconfig.h</A>&gt;
#include &lt;<A HREF="file:/usr/include/stdlib.h">stdlib.h</A>&gt;
#include &lt;<A HREF="file:/usr/include/stdio.h">stdio.h</A>&gt;
int main(int argc, char **argv) {
        int lc_p_ret, lc_rv_ret;
        char *filename = NULL;
        lc_rv_ret = lc_register_var(&quot;File&quot;, LC_VAR_STRING,
                                    &amp;filename, 'f');
        if (lc_rv_ret != 0) {
                fprintf(stderr, &quot;Error registering variable: %i.\n&quot;,
        lc_p_ret = lc_process(argc, argv, &quot;example&quot;, LC_CONF_APACHE,
        if (lc_p_ret != 0) {
                fprintf(stderr, &quot;Error processing configuration: \
                        %s\n&quot;, lc_geterrstr());
        if (filename != NULL) {
                printf(&quot;File specified was: %s\n&quot;, filename);
        } else {
                printf(&quot;No filename specified.\n&quot;);
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