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Exploring the implementation of a modular, distributed computing system, potenially on Parallax Propeller processors running Forth - inspired by Convergent Technologies' NGEN system running CTOS - using newer protocols and technology where there have been efficiency advancements (as opposed to regressions).

...recalling an age when:

Let's Reclaim Control from the Consumption Economy.

recall when hundreds of people got work done on a shared machine with dual core processors and 16MB of memory.

There are plenty of hardware and architecture options to explore and features to define. And, of course, a stated goal to constrain the initial foundational feature set and suggest a roadmap for the future directions. The new NGENOS is to be defined in a hardware-agnostic way so as to avoid hardware lock-in.


Anonymous Cloning:

$ fossil clone NGENeer.fossil
$ cd NGENeer
$ fossil open ../NGENeer.fossil
$ fossil ui &