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A portable general-purpose computer algebra system

Historical Snapshot Archive


REDUCE is a freely available open-source interactive system for general algebraic computations, of interest to mathematicians, scientists, and engineers.

It can be used interactively for simple calculations, but also provides a flexible and expressive user programming language.

Historical Snapshots

This repository contains informal (and not-guaranteed-complete) historical snapshots of some previous releases of REDUCE.

More Information

There should not be any binaries or serious build scripts here, and these are all to be viewed as OUT OF DATE and NOT SUPPORTED AT ALL.

However, some people may enjoy seeing how the code-base has grown, and getting a bit of insight into the world of the past. Developers tracking newly uncovered bugs may also find it useful to look back into these archives in case that provides insight.


Please do not ask the REDUCE developers about building or installing from these old files. All current support is focused only on the main version.


The files here typically have old restrictive copyright notices, and sometimes restrictive license terms. They are included here by virtue of the permission that their originators granted to Anthony C. Hearn and his distributors to use them.

You should not modify and redistribute anything from this directory without careful thought.


REDUCE Historical
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