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Nortel 1535 Web Interface


  1. Get fossil:

  2. Fetch the code: fossil clone nortel.fossil
  3. mkdir nortel; cd nortel
  4. fossil open ../nortel.fossil
  5. fossil co trunk
  6. make
  7. On the phone: mkdir /usr/local/web and copy the file web.tar to the phone.
  8. On the phone: cd /usr/local/web
  9. On the phone: tar xf web.tar
  10. On the phone: python -d (debug mode, writes to stdout)
  11. or python start (run and fork)
  12. Open http://yourphone:8080 in the browser
Alternatively download the latest source by browsing to the latest checkin in the Timeline and then continue from 6).


The program does absolutely no error handling and your phone will go kaboom if there is something wrong. You have been warned.

© 2010 Petr Man