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This Arduino library connects a bicolor LED matrix driven by 74*595 shift registers up to the Adafruit_GFX library. It uses three shift registers, resisters appropriate to your LED matrix, and the matrix. It needs three Arduino pins.

For now, you can only have ONE such matrix running. I hope to correct this later.

The 74*595's should be hooked up in series. The one talking directly to the arduino should be wired to the common lines, the next one to the red lines, and the final one to the green lines. The matrix is created with the three Arduino pins used for serial, data and latching as arguments. After that, usage is very similar (though not identical, as some functionality is missing) to the bicolor matrix class in Adafruit's LEDBackpack library.

Note that this library supports both common anode and common cathode matrices. After calling the begin method, but before calling the writeDisplay method, call the common method with either ANODE (the default) or CATHODE as the argument.