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A project destined for greatness, this is the SliTaz User Repository software.


The complete and utter mess that is the SliTaz wok as of writing, and the horrible delays of updates, lead me to the conclusion that a change was required.
Introducing: TazSUR!

The idea is that this repository will provide the tools for a full blown user repository system, where the user will be able to search a user-created user-uploaded package repository, fetch receipts and the like, and cook them using the SliTaz cookutils.
That is the idea. This repository will serve the implementation of that idea.

What is included

The SliTaz User Repository will require a great deal of complexity, thousands of servers, and- oh, no wait that won't be very ideal. How about a command line utility, a plugin for TinyCM that enables mass-distribution of package receipts easily, and a TazPanel plugin? That's what is included in this repository.

How far have you come?

Currently there are some security issues with both the command line utility as well as the web interface.
One of the most prominent things right now is the lack of a central server. Considering the security issues, this is probably for the best, however it does require you to run your own instance of TinyCM with the TazSUR plugin installed.
Configuration of said instance should pretty much be a no-op though, and configuration of the client (tazsur utility) can be done with a configuration file in either locations of /etc/slitaz/tazsur.conf or $HOME/.config/slitaz/tazsur.conf.