TclRAL - Relational Algebra for Tcl
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Welcome to the TclRAL Respository

TclRAL is a "C" based extension of Tcl that implements a complete relational algebra. It defines two new native Tcl data types, Tuple and Relation, and provides a complete set of operators on those new types.

Informally, a Relation may be thought of as a table and a Tuple may be thought of as a row in that table. As a data structure, Relations are often easier to manage than more complicated nested lists or nested dictionaries. TclRAL also provides for relation variables. Relation variables hold relation values and can have constraints defined upon them that insure the integrity of the data contained in them.

This code was formally housed at Sourceforge but has now been moved into a Fossil repository.

The latest release is version 0.12.2.

The Tcl/Tk conference paper on TclRAL is also available.