Code to Models

Code to Models

Code to Models

This repository captures the contents of the book, Code to Models: A Microcontroller from the Bottom Up. This book is envisioned as three parts. Currently, only Part I is in place.


A PDF of the current version of the book is available.

There is also an EPUB formatted file.

This is also a ZIP file which contains a build of the book and its software. This is intended as a temporary convenience for those who would like to see the various code files without having to install the necessary tool chain.

Zig Experiments

Recently I have been performing experiments in a few areas using the Zig programming language. The purpose of these experiments is to evaluate Zig as a potential implementation language for Part II of the book. Work on Part II will begin soon.

The first experiment uses adjacency matrices as a means of navigating xUML relationships. The following are files available for convenience:

The second experiment is a Robin Hood hashing scheme for creating an index on an array. The following are files available for convenience: