Tr1 Forward Headers

A set of forwarder C++ headers intended to use GCC's TR1 headers in a forward-compatible #include invocation way:

// hard errors once code is eg.: updated to C++11 or used in another compiler
#include <tr1/array> 

#include <array> // backward and forward compatible!


See artifact# /doc/tip/tr1_fwd/README.txt for basic documentation and credits.


Just clone the repo or download the zip, unpack somewhere and add the resulting path (including the /tr1_fwd basename) to your compiler's / project's #include path.

Best used with the cxxomfort C++ Backports library.


Revisions 2017 and previous of the Library are provided under the WTF Public License. So use them to do WTF you want. But don't come blaming me afterwards, after all, you and I both gave a F.

Revisions 2018 onwards of the Library are provided under the MIT License. See /doc/tip/tr1_fwd/LICENSE.txt for more details.

Credits Luis Machuca Bezzaza © 2013-2018.