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Store your command line history in a quickly searchable sqlite3 database. For those of us in the electronics design industry or anyone else who must remember long obscure and complicated command lines ...

Install from precompiled tar

(NOTE: Send requests for additional platforms to matt @ kiatoa.com)

Download from this link: histstore-sles11.tar.gz

Untar the file in some convient location:

tar xfvz histstore-sles11.tar.gz

Link the binary to some location on your $PATH as "hs"

ln -s $PWD/histstore/histstore ~/bin/hs

Now test:

history | hs -save
hs %

Compile and install

csc histstore.scm -o hs
cp hs ~/bin


Set up some aliases
alias kh='history | hs -save'

> kh
Saving command lines to db...
saved 0 lines
saved 500 lines

Every once in a while when working type "kh" to store your commandlines.

Use "hs" to search. "%" is the wildcard:

How did i fix that problem in mythtv?

> hs mysq%char%
mysql -u root -e 'alter database mythconverg default character set latin1;'