Random Bits of Open Code

Random Bits of Open Code

Random Bits of Open Code

Welcome to this Fossil Site.

New project Oct 2017: a3d code 3d designs and target openscad and povray simultaneously.

Each directory is a separate mini-project. Only projects listed on this front page are likely to compile and work. I'll make a concerted effort to clean up the remaining code in the hopes it will be useful to someone someday. If you see something that might be useful to you but it doesn't work "out of the box" nudge me at matt at kiatoa dot com and maybe I'll get to it a bit sooner. Most of this stuff was written for chicken 3. Some has been casually ported from perl, ruby or pascal and is not exactly elegant scheme.

For the convenience of Microsoft Windows users you can get Chicken scheme + the IUP gui packaged for Windows here chicken-iup

Run lots of tests and roll up the results: megatest

Write simple command files to analyze log files: logpro

Find out where your time is going: timesnitch

Keep a simple db of all those long complicated command lines: histstore

Scheme based web application framework for cgi only servers stml WARNING: Only recently ported to chicken 4.7.3, some features (example; loading pictures into the built in wiki) do not work yet.