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NOTE: This file gets copied occasionally into the wiki as "Roadmap".
      Do not make changes in the wiki, they will be lost!


. Streamline compilation - DONE, all non-official egg modules are now bundled.

. syscheck; touch file in home, tmp, runs, links and start xterm
. pull in ftfplan (not integrated, just code pulled in)
. fill newview matrix with data, filter pipeline gui elements
. improve [script], especially indent handling

. split db into megatest.db (runs etc.) db/<something>.db
. release basic newview implementation
. add section "archive" to testconfig with save yes to save the test to archive at end of test run.
. add -getdata and -savedata; writes a path to archive using provided target, runname, test and item_patt and path

. release split db implementation
. mtutil calls from dashboard (for remote control)
. logs browser (esp. for surfacing mtutil related activities)


. Switch to using simple runs query everywhere
. Add end_time to runs and add a rollup call that sets state, status and end_time

. Switch to scsh-process pipeline management for job execution/control
. Use call-with-environment-variables more.

Migration to inmem db plus per run db

. Re-work the dbstruct data structure?
.. Move main.db to global?
.. [ run-id.db inmemdb last-mod last-read last-sync inuse ]
. Open main.db directly in calls to -runtests etc. No need to talk remote?