fsl wrapper

fsl wrapper

The fsl Fossil Wrapper Script


This wrapper script helps adapt fossil for the needs of a large design team used to working in a pure Linux/Unix environment.



(not all implemented yet, see Plan)
Unix mv semanticsEarly in a project mv is used extensively and matching Unix semantics is very helpful
Add -f to mv and rmMost often users desire to do the physical move simultaneously with the fossil move
Repos managementIt makes sense to break a large amount of code into self contained repos and some helper routines make it easier to find and get appropriate repos
Wrap clone and open into a single commandThis simplifies ramp up of new users at a small cost in disk space
Unfold wrapped timeline report linesWrapped lines make use of sed, awk etc. difficult, example, extract the leaf ids for a given branch
Default to allow-symlinksDereferencing symlinks is a huge danger for scm in typical design engineering Unix usage. It is also irreversable (checkout != checkin) and thus usually doesn't make sense from a source control perspective.
Reduce noise in various commands by removing non-essential output unless -v switch is presentStandard Unix philosophy
Template support on create repoIn our usage a few files are common to all repos



Implemented work-arounds and fixes

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