Release Checklist

Making a new release of the Kestrel-2DX hardware design? Cutting a new version of DX-Forth? Then you'll want to double-check yourself with this checklist to make sure prospective users have a good experience with your changes.

User Experience When Installing

  1. Did you build the latest SD card image, kestrel-2dx-forth.img?
  2. Did you build the latest JTAG bitstream file, kestrel-2dx-nexys2-jtag.bit? (cd .../kestrel-2dx/trunk; fossil uv add ../kestrel-2dx/NEXYS2.bit --as kestrel-2dx-nexys2-jtag.bit)
  3. Did you build the latest ROM bitstream file, kestrel-2dx-nexys2-rom.bit? (cd .../kestrel-2dx/trunk; fossil uv add ../kestrel-2dx/NEXYS2.bit --as kestrel-2dx-nexys2-rom.bit)
  4. Did you sync the unversioned files? (fossil uv sync or fossil sync -u)
  5. Did you double-check the file links on the build page all properly resolve?
  6. Did you double-check to see if the instructions on the build page still work?

Developer Experience

  1. Did you check to see if any new BIOS functions are properly documented?
  2. If you added new hardware, did you update the memory map?
  3. Are all the GPIA pins properly documented?
  4. If you added new hardware, do the appropriate documentation pages exist describing its registers and bitfields?
  5. Have you updated the file to record contributions and give due credit?


  1. Have you bumped the BIOS revision number, if applicable?
  2. Have you bumped DX-Forth's revision number, if applicable?