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Fuel V0.9.7 (2013-XX-XX)
- Feature: Optionally use the internal browser for the Fossil UI
- Feature: Support for persisting the state (Column order and sizes) of the File View
- Feature: Dropping a fossil checkout file or workspace folder on Fuel now opens that workspace
- Feature: Dropping a file on Fuel now adds that file to Fossil
- Feature: Commit Dialog: Pressing Ctrl-Enter within the comment box commences the commit
  whereas Escape aborts it
- Feature: Support for localization
- Localisations:
	German (Thanks stayawake)
	Spanish (Thanks djnavas)
- Distribution: Fuel is now available in the Arch User Repository

Fuel V0.9.6 (2012-05-13)
- Feature: Support for fossil stashes
- Feature: Support for dragging and dropping files out of Fuel
- Feature: Allow for opening workspaces via the checkout file or a workspace folder
- Feature: Display the actual file icons
- Feature: Windows: Shift-Right-Click invokes the Explorer file context menu
- Feature: Allow starting Fuel into an existing fossil workspace via the command line (Thanks Chris)
- Feature: Portable mode. When starting Fuel with the "--portable" option all settings
  will be stored in a Fuel.ini file. If a settings file already exists, Fuel will start
  into portable mode automatically. (Thanks Chris)
- Improvement: Always show unknown files when starting a new repository
- Bug Fix: Avoid specifying filenames explicitly when all modified files are selected.
  This addresses an issue preventing commits after a merge
- Bug Fix: Fixed issue where a complete repository would be committed even when
  the user has a specific set of files marked for commit
- Misc: Minor GUI bug fixes and usability enhancements