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Artifact ID: 849a3a6354f32285e09500c60636938c5cfa69d9
Page Name:kafene software
Date: 2012-10-11 07:19:14
Original User: kafene
Parent: 13dae381512556cab91a81d43c18d01ab0da071b


  1. user-js
    This is some userscripts for opera, cloned from my live running version. They are packaged into an (unzipped) extension as some need to run on https pages. To install, either zip the contents of the "user-js" folder and rename the extension to .oex and install, or drag config.xml to the "Manage Extensions" page (default access key = CTRL+SHIFT+E).
  2. kGmailNotifier
    This is a stripped down clone of Codebit GMail Notifier. It uses some of the original codebit utils (e.g. grake.js for fetching gmail status info) but doesn't have any UI or preferences. Well you can change your preferences by editing the source if you like. By default it checks gmail every 60s and uses icon.png (same one as google-mail-oex) as its icon.