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Artifact ID: b683774a79846d678a81355abcc5eef5686646b4
Page Name:plugin
Date: 2014-03-27 14:45:57
Original User: jrtolle
Parent: 6dacaa5430e1a2a3cacb8c1e95b4b7328cc674d1


The function todo_LoadPlugins looks for .ps1 and .psm files in the plugins directory specified in the todo.cfg settings file. Only the main Use-Todo function calls the todo_LoadPlugins function.

.ps1 files are dot-sourced and .psm1 module files are imported. Any aliases exported from .psm1 files are added to an array of available plugin actions. The name of .ps files is added to the array of available plugin actions.

Any extra parameters on the commandline that are not picked up by the parameters of Use-Todo are passed to the plugin being called. In Use-GTasks, they are dealt with by turning the space-separated string into an array..