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The function <code>todo_LoadPlugins</code> looks for <code>.ps1</code> and <code>.psm</code> files in the plugins directory specified in the <code>todo.cfg</code> settings file.  Only the main <code>[/finfo?name=Use-Todo.psm1|Use-Todo]</code> function calls the <code>todo_LoadPlugins</code> function.

<code>.ps1</code> files are dot-sourced and <code>.psm1</code> module files are imported.  Any aliases exported from <code>.psm1</code> files are added to an array of available plugin actions.  The name of <code>.ps</code> files is added to the array of available plugin actions.

Any extra parameters on the commandline that are not picked up by the parameters of <code>Use-Todo</code> are passed to the plugin being called.  In <code>[gtasks|Use-GTasks]</code>, they are dealt with by turning the space-separated string into an array..
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