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Artifact ID: 8be311ce398f1199359f3cd242f4b4f7f4f57d0e
Page Name:JR
Date: 2014-03-27 15:02:02
Original User: jrtolle
Parent: 10280c8bb2c25fa4a3a003f262d36b09fc8d071f


Welcome to the base of my chiselapp repositories. For now, it is empty, but I will be putting general tips and documentation I have found useful in this repository and creating new repositories for projects.

todotxt-ps-cli - todo.txt in Powershell (with basic plugin architecture)
aria2 control in Powershell

Please contact me, jr (dot) code (at) saintlyreverend (dot) com, with any questions and comments. Try to keep the complaints to a minimum.