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Page Name:fosclipse-ui
Date: 2012-11-13 14:21:16
Original User: jan.nijtmans
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This project is meant to be become the "official" Fossil plugin for Eclipse. It depends on many people cooperating, so please drop me a mail if you are interested to participate in any way: designing, coding, documenting, testing, whatever....

At this moment, the Fosclipse plugin is guaranteed not to work. So only clone this repository when you know what you are doing. (As soon as things start to get working, this WIKI page will be modified to say so)


The first design decision is: "Take all design rules from Subclipse, except when there is a good reason to do otherwise". The reason for this is: Subclipse is one of the best scm plugins available. Its project lead (Mark Phippard) clearly knows what he is doing. The Fossil model in autosync mode looks a lot like the Subversion model.

Whenever deviating from Subclipse's design decision, the modified design rule and the reason must always be documented on this WIKI.

There will be at least 5 Fosclipse plugins, 3 of which will be interesting for the public, 2 for developers only. In Eclipse, each project is checked out separately, so we need a different Fossil repository for each of those:

To be continued...