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<i>Checking out the project</i>

<h2>The Eclipse way</h2>
<p>Select the "Fossil Repository Exploring" view, click on the "Add Fossil repository" buttun. Give the URL ( Wait until the repository appears in the "Fossil Repositories view". In the mean time, the cloning of the repository starts in
the background (unless you disabled it, but then you cannot do any check-outs).
Right-click on the repository you want to check-out, and click "Checkout". You will get the "Checkout from Fossil" dialog. Fill in what you want and click "OK". Eclipse will then set up everything for you.

<h2>The temporary way</h2>
<p>Unfortunately, the above way is not implemented yet (priority 1 for milestone 1!). Until it's implemented, we have to generate manually the
correct structure, from the command line using the fossil executable.</p>
<p>First create the directory "&lt;workspace&gt;/.metadata/.plugins/org.fossil_scm.fosclipse.core", and "cd" to it. Then:<br><pre>
fossil clone -A <username> <project URL> <Project ID>.fossil
Do this for all repositories. Here is a list of the current Project URL's and the corresponding Project ID's.
   <ul>[]: 5d30ad5e25d04f6027a787fb904fbe1fec0896cf</ul>
   <ul>[]: 32e97b76427dda0ee380ed3dcb18e9678f20dc2e</ul>
   <ul>[]: c873bcb515a428a44ab02489001809785d8f7902</ul>
   <ul>[]: abe12a8aa4f113fe0100b000a9c0179ddff35922</ul>
   <ul>[]: 2aecb2b17cdd6c583c5fd7b723c14d525c329f24</ul>
Then, create new projects named "org.fossil_scm.fosclipse.<name>" in Eclipse. It doesn't matter which type, "General" will do (its ".project" file will be overwritten later). Then, from the command line again, "cd" to its directory and type:
<pre>rm .project
fossil open &lt;workspace&gt;/.metadata/.plugins/org.fossil_scm.fosclipse.core/<Project ID>.fossil
Do this for all 5 projects.
Now you have 5 projects checked out, which together form everything you need to do Fosclipse plugin development. For now you need the fossil executable to do any updates's, commits or whatever, but hopefully the Fosclipse plugin will get some useful shape soon.
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