This project originated while trying to automate the measurement of the wavelength of a lightsource and its coherence length using motorized linear stages (in specific this one) in a Michelson interferometer. The detection is done with a Thorlabs camera/CCD (google it) via the ueye program from IDS imaging.

The main objective is generating a code repository with the code used to make the measurements and their respective analysis using python and ipython (with the notebook interface).

The project is divided into the "notebook" directory which contains the ipython notebooks used to make the measurements (obtain the data) and make the analysis. There is also a "codes" directory which contains the raw python code that may be useful for preparing your experiment (for moving the linear stage and such).

What's needed

To be able to use the code in this project you need a python environment with scientific tools available (scipy, numpy, matplotlib), you also need python-pyserial module and the pyueye module (you can grab it from here) to be able to communicate with the camera).