The Cwind Tcl extension written by Satoshi Imai was last updated to version 1.4 in 2003. It is surprising that the original project page is still accessible.

The original extension was compatible up to windows xp. It turned out to be very easy to port to a more modern version – specifically windows 7. The compilers used were the 32- and 64-bit gcc provided by the MSYS2 project. This repository contains:

New for Version 1.5 (August 2017)

New commands:

Document previously undocumented commands:

New for Version 1.5.1 (September 2017)

New command:



Compiled binary for 32-bit Tcl:
Compiled binary for 64-bit Tcl:

This source:
Alternatively, you can click on Timeline above and select the most recent leaf. That will provide a page with download links for both a ZIP file and a Tarball.

The original (Oct 2003) source from Satoshi Imai:
The original (Oct 2003) compiled binary extension from Satoshi Imai:


Download and unzip the appropriate .zip.
Move the directory CWind1.5.1 to your Tcl library.


Click here for an updated manpage, or download a PDF.