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taotk_procs(n) 9.1 odielib "Module taotk procs"


taotk_procs - Module taotk procs

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balenter w x y text
balloon target message ?cx? ?cy?
balmotion w x y text

Closes all floating windows


Open a console window for direct access to the Tcl/Tk command interface to the IRM software suite

floatingwindow w
grabdisplay script
htmlbox title text ?wwidth?
odiecenterwindow w ?parent?
odiefocus w
odieinstruct text args

Bring up an instructional message

The text of the message is TEXT. It should be no more than two lines. Additional arguments specify buttons to place at the right together with scripts to run when those buttons are pressed. If TEXT is an empty string, the instructional panel is removed from display

odieminibutton f args
odiemodalwindow w ?title? ?parent?
odietoplevel w args

Create a visual control dialog Useful utility routines

scrollframe outerFrame args

proc scrollFrame {name args} scrollFrame - Returns the name of a frame within a canvas attached to vanishing scrollbars. Arguments name The name of the parent frame NOTE :: NON-CONVENTIONAL RETURN - RETURNS THE INTERNAL NAME, NOT THE NAME OF THE PARENT WINDOW!!! args Arguments to be passed to frame and canvas Results Creates 2 frames, a canvas and a two scrollbars. |-------------| <- Outer holding frame | cccccccccc ^| Canvas within outer frame | cffffffffc || Frame within canvas | cf fc || | cffffffffc |<-- Vertical Scrollbar within outer frame | cccccccccc V| | <--------> | Horizontal Scrollbar within outer frame |-------------|

set_balloon target message
setballooncanvasitem w id text
sqlitecon::_edit origtxt ?title?

An in-line editor for SQL

sqlitecon::create w prompt title db

Create a console widget named $w. The prompt string is $prompt. The title at the top of the window is $title. The database connection object is $db


Bring up the console for TPE debugging

taotk::dialog args

A replacement for tk_messageBox , it pops up a message without being a modal dialog box


A modal dialog

taotk::dynamic_widget tkpath field varname args
taotk::meta::widget_select info
taotk::option_inferences field args
taotk::utils::options_width values

Sizes a combobox to fit widest element



Sean Woods

Bugs, Ideas, Feedback

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