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sqltools_procs(n) 9.1 odielib "Module sqltools procs"


sqltools_procs - Module sqltools procs

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sqlitetools::attachdbs db attachList

Attach a list of DB names to a given DB Arguments db An olog.db database created with "sqlite3 db2 $path" attachList A list of paths to olog databases Results Original db is modified to include attachments

sqlitetools::canonical_sql in

Remove comments and flourishes from sqlite statements

Translate a block of SQL into is "canonical" form. This means removing all comments and changing all whitespace to a single space. All text is converted to lower case. The result is a list of statements.

sqlitetools::createsql_to_dict sql

Reverse engineer a dict from a schema

sqlitetools::dict_to_sql_insert table record
sqlitetools::getattacheddbs db

Returns a list of databases attached to a database Arguments db DB name from something like 'sqlite3 db abc.sql' Results No side effects.

sqlitetools::getfields db tblName
sqlitetools::getreducedschema db tblName
sqlitetools::getschema db tblName

Return schema, less the comments Arguments db Database tblName Name of table Results

sqlitetools::gettablesbypattern db pattern ?useAttached?

Return a list of tables that match a pattern Arguments db Database handle to use - from "sqlite3 db foo.sql" pattern An sql style pattern useAttached If set, all attached databases are also examined, if == 0, then only the main database is examined. Results No Side Effects

sqlitetools::sql_select_to_dict table rowid



Sean Woods

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