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codebale_procs(n) 9.1 odielib "Module codebale procs"


codebale_procs - Module codebale procs

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codebale::alias alias cname

Records an alias for a Tcl keyword

codebale::autodoc info args
codebale::buffer_append varname args
codebale::buffer_merge args
codebale::buffer_puts varname args
codebale::canonical alias

Reports back the canonical name of a tcl keyword

codebale::cases_finalize f
codebale::cases_generate prefix cases
codebale::cases_put f x
codebale::complete_ccomment string
codebale::define name info

Provide a keyword handler to the autodoc parser

codebale::detect_cases cfile
codebale::digest_comment buffer ?properties?

A simpler implementation of digest_comment, this proc takes in the raw buffer and returns a dict of the annotations it found

codebale::digest_csource dat ?trace?
codebale::doctools::cmdout cmdname info
codebale::doctools::maketoc base
codebale::doctools::manpage_meta module file
codebale::doctools::mkclassfiles module mpath docpath
codebale::doctools::mkprocfiles module mpath docpath

Generate automated help documentation from comment scraping

codebale::doctools::path fmt ext module mpath

Generate human-edited documentation

codebale::doctools::read_in f
codebale::doctools::write_out f text
codebale::doctools::write_toc fmt ext tocfile docroot
codebale::first_autoconf_token line
codebale::headers_csourcefile file

Generate function declarations

codebale::meta_output outfile
codebale::meta_scrub aliases info

Filters extranous fields from meta data

codebale::normalize_tabbing rawblock ?newspace?
codebale::parse_body meta body modvar

Parses a script, namespace body, or class definition.

codebale::parse_namespace meta def

Parses a namespace and redeclares any procs as glob procs pointing to the current namespace

codebale::parse_ooclass meta def
codebale::parse_oomethod meta def

This procedure reads in the definition of a method, marks it up in the help documentation, and seeds the re-writer so that this method is creates in sorted order

codebale::parse_oosuperclass meta def

This procedure reads in the definition of a method, marks it up the ancestors for this object

codebale::parse_path info base args
codebale::parse_procedure meta def

This procedure reads in the definition of a procedures, marks it up in the help documentation, and seeds the re-writer so that this procedure is defined from the global namespace

codebale::parse_tclsourcefile meta file ?rewrite?
codebale::parser_addpattern args
codebale::parser_patterns scope
codebale::pattern_match patterns parseline
codebale::pkg_mkindex base
codebale::pkgindex_path base
codebale::proc_nspace procname
codebale::read_csourcefile file
codebale::read_sh_file filename ?localdat?
codebale::read_sh_subst line info

Converts a XXX.sh file into a series of Tcl variables

codebale::rewrite_comment spaces topic info
codebale::sniffpath spath stackvar

Descends into a directory structure, returning a list of items found in the form of: type object where type is one of: csource source parent_name and object is the full path to the file

codebale::strip_ccoments string
cthulhu::add_cheader filename ?trace?

Signal for a C header to be read with mkhdr

cthulhu::add_cheader_verbatim filename ?trace?

Add the contents of a header file verbatim to the internal headers and public headers

cthulhu::add_csource filename ?trace?

Signal for a C source to be read with mkhdr

cthulhu::add_directory here config

Add a path containing C code

cthulhu::add_dynamic csource tclscript

Add a source file in Tcl that produces a C file

cthulhu::add_library here config

Add a pure-tcl library

cthulhu::detect_cases filename

Detect where we need to produce a _cases.h file to automate a C source


Declare an end to modifications of ::project

This directive is placed after the last set ::project(X) Y but before the first ::cthulhu::add_*

cthulhu::mk_lib_init.c outfile
cthulhu::mk_sources outfile
cthulhu::mk_stub_decls pkgname mkhdrfile path

Produce the PROJECT.decls file

Tools for automating the process of building stubs libraries

cthulhu::mkhdr_index hout docfileout
doexec args



Sean Woods

Bugs, Ideas, Feedback

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