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Difference From 5eb576fc2d423f1d To 42e1f63ae401c9ea

Pulling in changes from yggdrasil branch check-in: 8c1eac0227 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
Change in the clay-tk contact. Instead of declaring a tk path on object creation, Tk path is now given to a tkrender method which generates an ephermeral GUI while the object remains intact check-in: 1ae1cac113 user: hypnotoad tags: yggdrasil
Cleanups from testing check-in: 42e1f63ae4 user: hypnotoad tags: yggdrasil
Experimental branch to consolidata all of the tree-like interactions under the aegis of a new framework class "yggdrasil". Yggdrasil provides common access methods for links and children. It also provides option handling adapted from Tool. At the same time, each node in the yggdrasil also has parameters in parallel from a content style sheet. Adapted practcl to use the infrastructure of Yggdrasil rather than invent its own. Yggdrasil largely stole the link functions from Practcl, but what is "define" in practcl is really "config" in Yggdrail, so a shim is provided for already implemented practcl build systems. Cunieform has been adapted to use the new Yggdrasil infrastructure. Calls to the old xml/html method are now sent to "config". The css portion of Yggdrasil was largely stolen from cuneiform, so not changes there. Cuneiform tk is eventually going to be folded into the cuneiform-tk megawidget system because 99% of what it needed out of cuneiform was the option handling and tree functions which it no longer needs cuneform for check-in: 6d7b608d54 user: hypnotoad tags: yggdrasil
Adding a new Tk gui builder component to cuneiform Reformed how objects are cleaned up on cuneiform. Instead of an imperitive when the xml render is performed, objects are now cleaned up when the master objects starts a new document or if the master document is destroyed. subobject destruction still uses the refcounting mechanism from clay Added xml and html tests ,as well as a demo script for the new tk things check-in: 5eb576fc2d user: hypnotoad tags: trunk
Fixing a bug in ::clay::cleanup that was blanking the list at the end of a process that cascading destroys could very well append to. check-in: e41d5380a9 user: hypnotoad tags: trunk

Changes to cmodules/kitcrypt.tcl.

Changes to example/gilgamesh/class/avatar.tcl.

Changes to make.tcl.

Changes to modules/clay-tk-console/build/core.tcl.

Changes to modules/clay-tk-console/build/sqlshell.tcl.

Changes to modules/clay-tk/build/core.tcl.

Changes to modules/clay-tk/build/hull.tcl.

Changes to modules/clay-tktable/build/core.tcl.

Changes to modules/clay-tktable/build/spreadsheet.tcl.

Changes to modules/clay-ui/build/baseclass.tcl.

Added modules/clay-yggdrasil/build/build.tcl.

Added modules/clay-yggdrasil/build/core.tcl.

Changes to modules/cuneiform/build/core.tcl.

Changes to modules/cuneiform/build/html.tcl.

Changes to modules/cuneiform/build/svg.tcl.

Changes to modules/cuneiform/build/tk.tcl.

Changes to modules/cuneiform/build/xml.tcl.

Changes to modules/cuneiform/cuneiform-tk.test.

Changes to modules/cuneiform/cuneiform.test.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/build.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/buildutil.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/class/distro/baseclass.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/class/distro/fossil.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/class/distro/git.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/class/distro/snapshot.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/class/dynamic.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/class/metaclass.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/class/module.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/class/object.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/class/product.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/class/project/baseclass.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/class/project/library.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/class/project/tclkit.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/class/subproject/baseclass.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/class/subproject/binary.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/class/subproject/core.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/class/target.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/class/tool.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/class/toolset/baseclass.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/class/toolset/gcc.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/class/toolset/msvc.tcl.

Changes to modules/practcl/build/makeutil.tcl.

Changes to scripts/practcl.tcl.